About Cornerstone Metrology Service

What We Do

Cornerstone Metrology Service is a full physical/dimensional/electrical metrology laboratory with measurement capability to perform calibrations  in compliance  with the ISO / IEC 17025-2017, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ANSI/NCSL Z540.3,  ISO 9001-2015, and the  Mil.Std 45662a.                                                                                                                                   

In addition,  we sell,  service, and repair nearly all types of precision measuring equipment, including granite surface plate resurfacing.

Approximately  80%  of our  customers  are  military, aircraft or  aerospace, we  service  all  commercial,  medical,   automotive,  api  and  computer  applications  as well. 

  • ANGLE - Blocks, Rotary Tables, Autocollimators, Ultradex, Granite Squares, Polygons, Sine plates, Protractors, Inclinometers, Rotary Encoders   ETC.
  • DIMENSIONAL - Gage Blocks, CMM, I.D. & O.D. Gages,  Height, Length, Indicators,      Micrometers, Calipers, Calibration Testers, Supermicrometers  ETC.
  • ELECTRONIC - Panel Meters,  DMM, Power Supplies,   Hy-pot Testers, Amp, Volt, Resistance Gages, Oscilloscope, Welders, Rectifiers  ETC.
  • FLATNESS - Granite Surface Plates, Optical Flats, Optical Parallels, Surface Finish, Granite and Steel Parallels  ETC.
  • HARDNESS -  Standard Rockwell, Superficial, All Scale, Micro hardness, Direct and  In-Direct ,Durometer,  Birnell, Optical Testers ETC.
  • LEVEL -  Machinist,  Bubble, Electronic, Indicators, Inclinometers, Digital  Protractors, Electronic Differential ETC.
  • MASS - Weights, Balance and Digital Scales, Force Gages, Strain      Gages, Load Cells, Proving Rings ETC.
  • OPTICAL -  Comparators, Toolmakers Microscope,  Stereo Microscope, Video Inspection Systems, Magnifiers, Reticules ETC.
  • PRESSURE -  Pressure, Vacuum Gages, Transducers and Recorders, Mcleod Gages,      Magnehelic,  Differential    ETC.
  • TEMPERATURE -  Ovens, Freezers, Controllers, Chart Recorders, Thermometers, Thermocouple      Gages, Hygrothermographs ETC.
  • THREAD - Plugs, Rings, Wires,  Setting Plugs, Micrometers, Standards, Comparators,  Optical Comparator Charts ETC.
  • TIME -  Digital and Analog (Quartz)  Wrist Watches, Stop Watches,      Timers, Controllers, Clocks     ETC.
  • TORQUE -  Wrenches, Drivers, Watches, Torque Wrench Calibrators, Impacts From 1/10  inch oz  1000  foot lbs. ETC.

This is only a reference list of our capabilities. 


View our Scope and Our Certificate of Accreditation here.